What is Hannabis?

Back in January 2018, Hannabis began as one woman’s passion to educate people on the benefits of CBD and the versatility of the cannabis plant, whilst still being at home to enjoy and provide for her family. Officially ‘born’ in January 2019, Hannah teamed up with graphic designer Nicole to push Hannabis to its full potential. Which then grew into a free affiliate programme that sells a wide range of CBD products, an original clothing range designed by the directors, self-development courses, spiritual items and even launched handmade CBD products – including the UKs first CBD shampoo bar encouraging customers to reduce their plastic waste, becoming consciously aware of their consumer impact.

Affiliates partnered with Hannabis get access to training and support to help to grow their own businesses and dispel the misconceptions about CBD in order to change the discourse surrounding the cannabis industry. Hannabis inspire individuals to follow their own dreams, and have encouraged some to make their own products by teaching and supporting them through the whole process.

The ethos of Hannabis are inclusively about being one; with ourselves, with each other and with the world that surrounds us, making everything eco-friendly & recycling everything possible. Hannabis supports, uplifts and empowers one another to be happy, love ourselves and enjoy life!

Hannabis was recently nominated for the GHP Medical Cannabis Award 2019 & were head hunted by Health Europa to feature in their report on medical cannabis going across Europe.

Starting to cover other sectors of the industry, Hannabis launched a podcast called We.Hannabis incorporating their sister company We.CAN.nabidiol which is an educational platform for the CBD industry where they created a CBD Basics course to help people within the industry prove their knowledge. Hannabis records a live interactive podcast on their facebook page on the 13th of every month at around 8pm. 

All in all, Hannabis is a truly unique company within the industry, having a completely different message & really standing apart from the rest. Offering whatever they can to others in the industry to see growth as a whole, supporting the cannabis activists & always coming up with new innovative ways they can be of service

Founder & Co-Director

Hannah is the social media & CBD guru! What she doesn’t know she’ll learn, find out and master. She is an original thinker, with the ability to add, develop and even create and trial her own ideas as well as being equipped with the knowledge of tactics that have stood the test of time!

She is committed, hard grafting and an all round fire of happiness. She will keep you motivated and will support you through anything and everything in the real and social media world!

Hannah is a free spirited, hippie mum of 2 littlens who also smashes her own business that she runs from home. She is committed and dedicated, she says she’ll love a day off but as soon as the business is done and the kids are in bed she misses the madness; which is usually when the new ideas and plans get going!

Hannah has the determination to make something from nothing, growing up all she was told was she ‘wouldn’t amount to anything’ by teachers or that her life choices and opinions were ‘wrong’ by family. She was a black sheep who now brings so much colour into the lives of the family she created and the friends that she stands by.

A friend for life and a business partner you’d wish you had, there is no stopping Hannah and her infectious passion to make the world a better place for all!

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