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We ensure that any extraction processes we, and our suppliers are limited to only CO2 extraction. No heat processes which may damage nutrient quality.

We do not use any synthetic ingredients or animal products in any stage of producing our products.

We only source products and ingredients of the very highest grade . Every one of our products is natural, organic and plant based.


Each of our supplements are naturopathic nutrition, each product bringing different health benefits, please see individual products for the detail. But also read our latest blog to learn more about the magical, medicinal properties of mushrooms.

The right dosage of mushroom extracts or supplements can vary widely depending on which form of mushroom or type. It is important to check the label of the specific product for the recommended dosage.

The idea of foraging for your own mushrooms in the wild is a romantic notion, but leave it to the experts! With so many varieties of mushrooms in the world, you need a lot of practice and knowledge to know the difference. This is why at The Strange Apothecary we only use the best suppliers with a wealth of expertise to ensure that our products are sourced with  ingredients of the very highest grade.