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Are you shopping with an affiliate?
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Membership Exclusive Item – Manifesting Money Guide

Unlock the secrets to financial abundance with our exclusive “Manifesting Money Guide,” available only to our Galactic Guild Members. This comprehensive ebook blends spiritual wisdom with practical techniques to help you attract and sustain wealth in alignment with your highest good.

  • Understanding Abundance: Explore the spiritual principles of abundance and how they can transform your financial reality.
  • Mindset Shifts: Learn powerful mindset shifts and affirmations to clear financial blockages and cultivate a prosperous mindset.
  • Practical Techniques: Discover actionable steps, including visualization, gratitude practices, and goal setting, to attract wealth effortlessly.
  • Holistic Approach: Integrate holistic health practices to maintain balance and well-being while pursuing financial goals.
  • Personal Reflection: Engage in exercises and journaling prompts designed to deepen your connection with your financial intentions and spiritual growth.

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Here at The Strange Apothecary we are always striving to provide products that benefit your health & wellbeing in all natural & eco-friendly ways. Not only that, we offer you the chance to start your journey in the health & wellness industry with our own advocate programme that brings you so many personal & worldwide benefits.

After experiencing their own growth within the industry, but having many things they also disliked about it, Hannah & Jess, the directors of The Strange Apothecary decided it was time to create their own company that offered the opportunity for others to work with them & also build their own business within an industry that they love.

The Strange Apothecary benefits from the directors having their own journey & has been made so it is different to other advocate marketing programmes. Many advocates have grown beyond The Strange Apothecary but still continue to be supported by us.

Because we have STRONG beliefs that everyone should be able to have access to the same opportunities, The Strange Apothecary is FREE to join.

Some of our advocate’s have continued to release their own products which we now host on our wesbite & set up their own companies.

When you join The Strange Apothecary you aren’t joining as another number. You are joining as a PARTNERSHIP & we cannot wait to be apart of your journey.