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Amandine believes in the benefits of all plants, and in the benefits of the whole plant. She believes in a world where plant medicine is available to all those who need it. In that world being medicated isn’t attached to a stigma, and putting yourself first is a sign of strength and balance. Her unshakable belief – self-care leads to self-love, which ultimately creates a better world – is the foundation of Bloem & Moi’s purpose.


Having a relaxy tea after a tiring day of work or a tough yoga session is amazing! It helps a lot to calm my mind and body down!


I’m so happy with my beautiful teas blended by Amandine. They have become a part of my self care routine and I love how they taste and make me feel nourished. I didn’t know a tea could help me feel so much calmer and grounded.


Amandine’s teas are delicious and deeply nourishing - I love them! Prepared with care and a profound knowledge of what she’s creating they are a precious gift.


  • Easy & Natural: Botanical Self-Care for Busy Humans. Make yourself your number 1 priority and cultivate self-love every day by incorporating plants into your daily life.
  • We are Bloem & Moi. We make organic, hemp-based herbal teas, and self-care products. Boost your Immune System in a natural way.
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