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Are you shopping with an affiliate?
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All of our Hannabis – CBD Movement LTD products are infused with the strongest CBD oil on the market. At 86.5% Full Spectrum CBD with 98% active cannabinoids or 99.8% CBD Isolate.

Grown organically in the mountains of Colorado. The hemp is GMO, pesticide & solvent free. 

CBD Oil Tincture comes in two different flavours & five different strengths. To get the most out of using an oil based tincture, you should put 2-3 drops under your tongue & hold for 60 seconds before swallowing.

The Water Soluble CBD Tincture has a 5x higher absorption rate than the oil based tinctures, meaning you will see better results. It is also used in a different way to the CBD Oil Tincture & you add it to your food or drinks.

The Rich Pure CBD Oil is for topical use only due to Novel Foods legisations. This is also the very same oil we use in all our of handmade topical products. It is also the purest form of CBD Oil on the market.

Products are more so down to personal preference but if there is a particular product designed for a certain area of the body that you are hoping to target then obviously use that. 

When starting to use a CBD product you should always start on one of the lower doses available & then increase your strength if needed.

Of course. On each individual product page you will find the lab test for the revelent product.

When we officially launched in 2019, we were solely a CBD business & branded as Hannabis – CBD Movement LTD, as we grew & our direction of business changed, not everything we wanted to do fit into the Hannabis brand. So we created an Umbrella brand known as The Strange Apothecary which allows us to feature all of the other amazing things you see within our business.

We couldn’t completely part with the Hannabis brand because it means so much to us & has been a huge part of our journey, so we decided to keep our CBD products branded as Hannabis, rather than switching them all to The Strange Apothecary.

We do still continue to add to the Hannabis brand anytime we launch a new CBD product.

We Look After The Environment

The Strange Apothecary commited to looking after the envrionment. As a result, all of our packaging is made from recyclable materials.

Planting Trees & Reducing Co2 Emissions

We are partnered with Ecologi & plant trees every month as well as supporting other projects around the world.

Award Winning

Hannabis our CBD brand was awarded the Best CBD Retailer of 2020 & Most Informative CBD Platform & Product Supplier 2023 by GHP Commerical Cannabis Awards.

Trace Our Ingredients

Our CBD extract is derived from hemp that is organically grown high up in the mountains of Colorado, USA. We use the finest Rich Pure CBD Oil or 99.8% Isolate CBD.

Suitable for everyone

The Strange Apothecary uses all natural, organic, vegan friendly and sustainable ingredients where possible making all our products suitable for everyone.

No GMO, Pesticides or Solvents

The Strange Apothecary products are certified GMO, pesticide & solvent free, as well as being organic with zero traces of THC.