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Looking after your mental health is not something we should just do if we are struggling, or feeling low, anxious or stressed. It’s actually something we should think about all the time and really invest in, just like with our physical health.

Staying on top of our mental wellbeing is good for us now but also helps us deal manage difficult times in the future. Over time, it can also reduce our risk of physical health problems. There are lots of things we can do to look after our mental health and wellbeing every day.

1. Reframe unhelpful thoughts

The way we think, feel and behave are linked. Sometimes we develop patterns of thoughts or behaviours that are unhelpful so recognising them, and taking steps to think about things differently, can improve your mental health and wellbeing.

2. Be in the present

If we take time to be aware of ourselves and be in the present moment, noticing our own thoughts and feelings, and the world around us, we can gain a better perspective. Sometimes this is known as being more mindful.

3. Get good sleep

Good-quality sleep makes a big difference to how we feel mentally and physically, so it’s important to get enough.

4. Connect with others

Spending quality time with friends or family, talking to someone about how we are feeling or finding ways to help other people can all help stop you from feeling lonely and improve your mental health and wellbeing. This can be online, by phone or seeing someone in person.

5. Live a healthy life

Being active, enjoying the outdoors and having a healthy, balanced diet all impact how we feel. Also, binning bad habits like smoking, and cutting down on alcohol and caffeine can have a positive effect on our mood.

6. Do something for yourself

From enjoying your favourite hobby, learning something new or simply taking time to relax, it’s important to do things that make you happy, like trying a new hobby or learning a new skill.

7. Write a letter to future you

When you’re feeling good, think about what you would want to tell your future self if things get harder and you find you need more support. Reminding yourself of what’s keeping you feeling positive right now can help you through those more difficult times in the future.

Try some of the tips from Your Mind Plan and write down the ones that helped you, include ideas of how to get started and anything else that you have learnt about yourself.

Create your own mind plan here with the NHS.

No, the pillow mist is all made from all natural, envrionmentally friendly ingredients.

The colouring book can be coloured from front to back if you wish, with 40 individual designs for you to play with.

Each page is 200gsm, with the cover being 250gsm.

Each Pulse Point Balm has a whipped Shea Butter base, 100mg of CBD & in a 60ml tin, the difference in them is the essential oils used for the aromatherapy feature of the balms. 

Temple Balm – Peppermint & Black Pepper

Soothe Balm – Lavender & Eucalyptus

Boost Balm – Sweet Orange & Peppermint

Reviving Balm – Peppermint & Eucalyptus

Yes you can combine all these products together. 

Firstly, use you choice of Pulse Point Balm, depending on what you are looking to gain;

Temple Balm is great to clear your head.

Soothe Balm is the one to use when you need to relax.

Boost Balm for when you need that extra spark.

Reviving Balm is incredible for rejuvenation.

Spray the area you are sitting, laying in with the Pillow Mist/Room Spray, you can then follow the breathing excerise on the bottle, or you can get creative with the Colouring Book & allow yourself to just be for a moment & not worry about the things going on around you.

We Look After The Environment

The Strange Apothecary commited to looking after the envrionment. As a result, all of our packaging is made from recyclable materials.

Planting Trees & Reducing Co2 Emissions

We are partnered with Ecologi & plant trees every month as well as supporting other projects around the world.

Award Winning

Hannabis our CBD brand was awarded the Best CBD Retailer of 2020 & Most Informative CBD Platform & Product Supplier 2023 by GHP Commerical Cannabis Awards.

Trace Our Ingredients

Our CBD extract is derived from hemp that is organically grown high up in the mountains of Colorado, USA. We use the finest Rich Pure CBD Oil or 99.8% Isolate CBD.

Suitable for everyone

The Strange Apothecary uses all natural, organic, vegan friendly and sustainable ingredients where possible making all our products suitable for everyone.

No GMO, Pesticides or Solvents

The Strange Apothecary products are certified GMO, pesticide & solvent free, as well as being organic with zero traces of THC.