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Before we go ahead, I would like to remind you that your intention is the most important thing within the spell. If you cannot find the correct ingredients or do not have the resources, then simply use this as guidance & inspiration for your own spell work.

With the subject’s consent, this can make a depressed or negative person happier and more positive.

Spell Timing:


Suggested Tools:

Rose incense
Pink cloth on the altar
Materials for a poppet: a scrap of white or pink cloth, rose petals or pink paper heart shapes, hair, fingernails, soil from his footprints and/or a photo of the subject.
Basil oil and perfume
Sweet gentle music


• Light a pink candle on a Friday. Use rose incense and a pink cloth on the altar.

• Make a poppet from white or pink cloth stuffed with cotton or something similar, with some pink or red rose petals in the mix. If roses are out of season, use pink paper heart cutouts. Personalize with hair and nail clippings, soil from his footprints, a photo, etc (be careful to use a photo that shows the subject smiling or laughing). Hold the doll in both hands and say, “I name you (name of person). You are the in all the worlds and between the worlds.”

• Lay the poppet on a pink satin cloth or cushion, or as close as you have, and anoint with basil oil. Play soft sweet music and spray sweet perfume around the working area. Pick the doll up often during the working and hug, kiss and caress it.

• Be seated, ground and centre yourself and chant or drum until the power is raised.

• Now imagine a cloud of beautiful pink-white or golden light gathering strength before your eyes. When it is as bright as possible, send it into the poppet, chanting, “Name, Name, sad of heart, now I make your woes depart.”

• Sit and strongly visualize the subject happy and smiling, with his troubles behind him, enjoying life. Feel happy with him and for him.

• When you have finished, hold the doll in both hands and say, “This I declare for the good of thee and of me. So mote it be.”

• Walk away and earth with food and drink.

Additional Comments:

If you can, put the doll under the subject’s bed.

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