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Before we go ahead, I would like to remind you that your intention is the most important thing within the spell. If you cannot find the correct ingredients or do not have the resources, then simply use this as guidance & inspiration for your own spell work.

Blessing your book of shadows is a fundamental step to start using it from a place of positive, vibrant, fresh, and powerful energy. With this article, I want to give you a few ideas on how to do it so you can choose the perfect method for you, your practice, and your book of shadows.

Why is a Blessing Needed?

Before starting with the actual use of your book of shadows, it is advisable to insert two essential elements on the first two pages. The first is a message of thanks (blessing) to the book followed by your magical name, while the second is the one relating to the Rede, that is, the magical oath of Wicca, which you can read by visiting this page.

The blessing of the book seals the personal dedication to what will be written in the book and to Wicca itself. Usually, references to God and Goddess are inserted in the blessing, in order to ensure their protection during the spiritual path.

A blessing ritual with the four elements

Rub some salt on the cover of your book of shadows saying;

“I consecrate you with the Earth. May this (instrument) be endowed with all the Virtues of the Earth and the blessings of the Earth element be multiplied with each use.”

Then pass the instrument through the burning incense (see the herbs for blessings), visualize the air as you speak;

“I consecrate you with Air. May this book of shadows be endowed with all the Virtues of Air, and the blessings of the element of Air are multiplied with each use.”

Now, pass the instrument through the flame dedicating it to the fire saying;

“I consecrate you with Fire. May this (instrument) be endowed with all the Virtues of Fire and the blessings of the Fire element be multiplied with each use.”

Drop water on the instrument saying;

“I consecrate you with Water. May this book of shadows be endowed with all the Virtues of Water, and the blessings of the Water element be multiplied with each use.”

Keep the instrument in the air by offering it to the Goddess and God;

“Mother and Father listen to me, I offer you this book of shadows for your blessing, and with it I honour you. Be blessed.”

Blessing your book of shadows with the energy of the full moon

Let’s light a white candle and focus.

We light some pure incense in grains, pass the book of shadows on the incense smoke and then place them in a windowsill where the light of the full moon arrives.

If you want you can place the book of shadows in a box or container – preferably copper. In the centre, light the incense with your hands and push the fumes in a circular direction around the book of shadows. Put it in a place where the moonlight blesses it with its energy. Let the incense burn and don’t put it out.

How to absorb the power of the moon?

Go outdoors in direct moonlight with your palms facing the moon. After about five minutes you will begin to feel a warmth or a tingling sensation or a feeling of heaviness.

Your hands are now absorbing the lunar energy.

Now imagine that from the hands this energy walks up the arms to the head and slowly descends through the limbs to the feet. It rises on the legs expanding into the back and trunk up to the head and descends to the hands. Put your hands on the book of shadows and chant out loud:

“I bless you, an instrument of wisdom, at the service of Art and the Gods, so that you can help me during my magical life.”

Prayer to bless your book of shadows

This prayer is an easy powerful way to bless your book of shadows. Light a white candle and chant this prayer out loud. Make sure you do this at night.

“I summon you, oh form of this book of shadows, by the powers of life which created the heavens, the earth and the sea, and all the things they contain. By the heavens’ virtues and all the stars that rotate within them. By the virtues of stones and herbs.

By the virtues of the four elements, and likewise for the virtues of the four winds, here in this place to receive this blessing from you for the perfect fulfilment of our will.

I summon you to be a force and a defence against all visible and invisible enemies, in all works of magic. So be it!”

Hold the book of shadow tightly in your hands, breathe on it, and with the power to enter it. The new consecrated instrument should, if possible, be used immediately.

For example, trace the circle. Finally, whether you have used it immediately or not, bring the new consecrated object around the circle, starting from east to south, lifting the instrument at each cardinal point.

Blessing it with holy water, sage, and a prayer

This blessing is very effective if you think some negative energy is attached to your book of shadows or if you think someone cursed you, your book of shadows, and your practice. I use sage but you can also use palo santo or rosemary.

Your call. Make sure you leave your windows open for a while to let any negative energy fade away and dissolve, making room for fresh, brand-new energy.

If you think your house is haunted because of some energy attached to your book of shadows this blessing ritual is perfect. You can ask for help from a deity dear and close to you.

On this lucky night I ask you, yes
May you bless my book of shadows, my sacred place, my home, and those who live there
Through this holy water that I offer you today
Let the roads always be open
And may your light be our only guide, and I always wish,
Fill us with your blessings and every drop of water
Bless every page of my book of shadows,
Bless my practice,
Bless the four corners of my house,
Make any negativity disappear
For your love and your glory
So be it.”

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