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Before we go ahead, I would like to remind you that your intention is the most important thing within the spell. If you cannot find the correct ingredients or do not have the resources, then simply use this as guidance & inspiration for your own spell work.

A curse is a negative energy that has become attached to you by one means or another. In many cases, it may be the result of a hex placed upon you by another magic user or even by a person with strong feelings but little magical experience. Sometimes our own attitudes curse us, or we may inherit curses from our families. Either way, there are steps we can take to diminish and break a curse and move on with our lives.

Required Tools

  • Uncrossing herbs, incense and/or oils (entirely optional)
  • salt
  • Some kind of oil, preferably olive oil (use the cheaper light stuff)


The simplest way to break a curse is by taking a bath using uncrossing herbs and salt. I like to make a salt scrub with equal parts salt and olive oil. You can add any uncrossing oils you choose to the olive oil before mixing or steep uncrossing herbs in the oil and strain it before mixing. Just keep in mind that many uncrossing herbs and oils are irritating to the skin and mucus membranes, so choose with care.

Although the timing is not crucial, dawn during the waning moon is the best time for a cleansing bath of this sort. Many people prefer to repeat the ritual several days in a row: Three, seven or thirteen days are all possibilities. Continue until you feel better. Beginning the day after the full moon and continuing till the new moon is a good plan.

This bath gets rid of the energy attached to the curse. However, the one who placed the curse on you can still repeat the curse and if he or she has created an object from which to generate the curse, it can continue to send curse energy your way on its own, as if it were on autopilot. So, breaking a curse is sometimes only a temporary fix.

A curse can sometimes be drawn out using a vessel. In our history, animals were occasionally used as vessels and sacrificed afterward. This is, obviously, frowned upon today but we have much more palatable options. Eggs are popular vessels for uncrossing in African American traditions. I have also seen potatoes used for this purpose, but an egg can be broken open and its contents examined to determine the effectiveness of the process. The vessel (preferably an egg) is passed over the body beginning at the head moving down (not swishing back and forth, smooth, repeated, downward motions).

Prayers are spoken during the process. Afterward, the egg may be cracked open into a bowl of water and its contents examined. It should then be discarded at the base of a tree or at a crossroads. Like the bath, this process may need to be repeated several times to be effective.

If a curse object or fetish exists, and you can find it, you should bury it far away from you, throw it in a river so it washes away or, if you can, destroy it, and dispose of the parts in running water. Burning it and flushing the ashes down the toilet is a good option if it’s flammable. You may be able to use astral projection to find the link from you to the object and follow that link. A pendulum might be useful for this as well.

A skilled practitioner may be able to destroy the object without actually contacting it physically. This involves astrally travelling to the object, or its astral double, and destroying it there.

You may also want to put a binding spell on the person who cursed you. You may also need to do some astral work here, especially if you do not know who sent the curse to you. On the astral plane, you can see your connection as cords leading between you and the person. You can cut these with a knife or scissors, or untie knots in them to break the ties. Be sure to do another cleansing bath after this to get rid of any residual energy so the cords can’t find their way back quickly.

Obviously, not everything here is going to be within the abilities of every practitioner and some curses are going to be beyond help from these methods. This is why we need to network and help each other.

Do not expect someone who helps you remove a curse to do so for free, however. Uncrossing work requires time, energy and materials and it can be dangerous work. If you were cursed because you harmed someone, then your curse is justified and removing it can be very dangerous for the practitioner.

You may personally be innocent, but we may have been burned before and the risk involved is going to reflect our price.

Do be careful of psychics who declare you cursed out of the blue and then charge large fees for removing the curse, especially if the “reading” was cheap or free, to begin with and your question was unrelated. That is a bait-and-switch trick.

Get a second opinion and find someone you trust to do your work for you.

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