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Before we go ahead, I would like to remind you that your intention is the most important thing within the spell. If you cannot find the correct ingredients or do not have the resources, then simply use this as guidance & inspiration for your own spell work.

The Freezer Spell is a simple binding spell that involves placing a taglock of your target in the freezer. Specifics vary by tradition and by individual. The purpose of the spell is generally to make someone stop doing something that is harming others. The freezer spell is quite well known in the Western Witchcraft community and will pop up often in Witchcraft forums.


The main symbolism of the spell is the freezer. This is used to “freeze” the target’s activity. Usually, a specific activity to be frozen is identified.

The spell often includes symbolic objects and taglocks. A practitioner may choose to include to represent the activity to be stopped, such as a bee or a wasp for a busy body, a tongue for gossip, or a phallic symbol for a womanizer. Some people use actual animal parts obtained from the wild or from their butcher, while others prefer to use hand-crafted representations of these items or natural objects that resemble the part, such as a cucumber for a phallus.

If one is using paper, it may be folded and held shut with a pin or rolled up and tied with a string to further symbolize the binding nature of the spell.

Various Methods

Usually, the item to be frozen is a piece of paper with the person’s name written on it.  Sometimes it is written in the form of a petition. Alternatively, one may wish to use a personal item or a symbolic object to represent the target of the spell. The specific activity to be frozen is identified by writing it on the paper, voicing it in a prayer or incantation as part of the spell or by including a symbolic object to represent the activity. As with any spell, a combination of methods is often employed.

Once the spell objects have been gathered, they are usually placed within a container. There may be prayers and chants associated with this activity, but some witches prefer to work in silence using visualization or other methods to focus their energy. Various rituals may be associated with the assembly of the spell, depending on the tradition of the practitioner. Some will cast a circle first or light candles chosen for their corresponding colour, for example, while others will just proceed. Finally, the package is placed in the freezer and the door shut. And so it is done.

Unbinding the Freezer Spell

The freezer spell is meant to continue working as long as the spell components remain frozen in the freezer. If one wishes to undo the spell, the spell components are removed from the freezer, thawed, and disposed of in an appropriate manner. (See What do I do With My Used Spell Components) Speak your intention to undo the spell out loud while you dismantle it.

Various Terminology

Generally, this spell may simply be referenced as “the freezer spell” or “the icebox spell”. It may be referred to as “putting them on ice.”

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