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The Importance of Water Soluble CBD

When extracted from cannabis, CBD take an oil based form. It is hydrophobic like all oils, meaning it will not dissolve in water. CBD oil resists absorption into the bloodstream. Up to 96% of an oil based CBD product will be flushed from your system without ever taking any effect. This is why water soluble CBD is such a revolutionary product.

The most common method of creating CBD infused products nanoemulsion, this involves pulverizing cannabinoids into nano-sizes & combining them with an emulsifier and a carrier oil, in an attempt to create a water soluble CBD.

How does water soluble differ from a normal CBD oil?
  • Greater bioavailability.
  • Faster onset time.
  • Indefinite shelf stability.
  • Use in food.
  • Use in drinks.
  • Versatile product.

The low levels of bioavailability and delayed onset have pushed the cannabis industry to find a solution.

While serious, these issues do not plague all forms of ingesting CBD. For example, the 2in1 Oil form works perfectly well for vaping. Tiny vapor particles carry the CBD & ther cannabis modules when atomized. Making it easy for the lungs to absorb when inhaled.

Why Does Water Soluble CBD have a greater Bio-availability

Did you know, 60% of the human body is water. Meaning that an oil based product does not mix well into the bloodstream. Using a water soluble product means that the product can absorb into the human body up to 5 times higher than an oil based tincture.

The CBD oil becomes water soluble by mixing it with an emulsifier. There is a variation of emulsifers avaliable for CBD products, you can also use honey to create a DIY water soluble CBD.

A Personal Experience

For those that don’t know much about me, my 4 year old son Dexter has global developmental delay & non-verbal autism. He has been using CBD for almost 2 years. It has helped him massively, but as you can imagine, it is impossible to get any toddle to hold an oil under their tongue to experience the full absorption rate, whether they have special needs or not. 

Although Dexter was having amazing results from using a few drops of our 2in1 oil in his drink twice a day, I mean AMAZING results, this kid started walking a couple weeks after using CBD & became more sociable, rather than being in his own little world constantly, he could of been experiencing so many more benefits if I could just help him with the absoprtion rate. 

This is where our brand new water soluble tincture came to the rescue. I was super excited to try this with Dexter & new he would be the perfect little tester before we decided if it was a product we wanted to include in our range. 

Dexter’s Jounrey

Dexter had been using CBD for along time, he still had to live with social anxiety, detachement issues, found it hard to understand his emotions & didn’t interact much with other children.  

Since we have switched Dexter over to the water soluble tincture, using it in exactly the same way, at exactly the same strength, I am so happy to report that we have seen great results for Dexter & I know feel like he is getting the full potential he could of been getting all of this time from consuming CBD. 

Dexter no longer has a complete melt down when I drop him off at pre-school for the day & that isn’t just from him settling in either, he has been going there for well over a year. If you’re a parent reading this you will know how heart breaking it is to leave your child crying for you, so even this on it’s own has been an absolute win for me. 

He also seems to be more in touch with his emotions & knows how to show how he feels to you without becoming frustrated. Knowing how to show love, having him ask for me to sit with him & just have a cuddle has been the most incredible experience to share with him. 

Not only that he has been able to control himself a lot better than usual when it comes to getting angry & annoyed, which is going to happen no matter what, he’s got an annoying little sister that wants everything he has constantly. I think anyone would find that annoying. But he no longer tries to hurt her out of frustration, I mean they still bicker but they’re siblings so that has to be expected. 

What Does Everyone Else Think?

All in all, this water soluble tincture gets a MASSIVE thumbs up from the whole family, it is our new go to product for everyone, especially because I can hide it in the families food & drinks, which means they don’t even know I’m pushing the CBD on them. Thank me later fam, thank me later! 

When CBD is extracted from the cannabis or hemp plant, it takes an oil-based form. Like any oil, it is hydrophobic, meaning it will not dissolve in water. You remember doing the science experiments trying to mix oil into water right? That is what CBD is doing inside our bodies.

Because CBD is oil based, it resists absorption into the bloodstream, with only around 4% being absorbed! So a HUGE 96% of it is being flushed from the body without it ever having any effect. Imagine the results we could have if we could absorb more than 4%…

Please Note
  • Keep CBD out of reach of children.
  • The MHRA have not evaluated any of these statements.
  • We do not intend to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.
  • Do not use this information to replace the advice of your doctor.
  • If any products cause any reaction, please seek medical advice.
  • The Conscious Cannabis Club approve all recommended products.

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