Lions Mane Tincture

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A beautiful nootropic mushroom that is perfect for neurogenesis and mental performance!

Lion’s Mane has an amazing ability to stimulate the production of nerve growth factor (NGF).

60ml – 1500mg

Organic, Vegan Friendly & Cruelty Free.

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Lion’s Mane Tincture

Traditionally used for brain/cognitive function, nerve damage and digestion, this Lion’s Mane Tincture will make the perfect addition to your lifestyle.

A beautiful nootropic mushroom that is perfect for neurogenesis and mental performance!

Lion’s Mane is truly one of a kind. Therefore there is no other herb or mushroom that’s been found in nature that seems to have the same effect on stimulating the production of nerve growth factors and brain-derived neurotrophic factors. Mounting evidence points to this mushroom as helping to support cognitive functioning, boost mental focus and improve memory.

Lion’s Mane Tincture benefits may also help to alleviate anxiety and depression through its powerful effects on reducing inflammation. Studies are showing that it may achieve its effects on mood by upregulating neurogenesis in the hippocampus. Lion’s Mane shows anti-aging effects both directly and indirectly by generally supporting overall health and well-being. Reduces the Risk of Heart Disease and Repairs the Gut. Lion’s Mane, like most medicinal mushrooms, contains beta-glucans and polysaccharides indicated to help support healthy immune functioning.


Our Lion’s Mane Tincture is an 8:1 concentrate and is equivalent to 12,000mg per product, making it the most potent Lion’s Mane Tincture in the world!

60ml – 1500mg

Organic, Vegan Friendly & Cruelty Free

Ingredients: Organic Lion’s Mane 1500mg (8:1 concentrate), Organic Cane Alcohol, Spring Water.


Shake well before use.  Place 1-3 drops under the tongue and hold for 60 seconds. Perform 1-3 times per day.

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6 reviews for Lions Mane Tincture

  1. Dawn Mclachlan

    I started taking this about 3 weeks ago and what a difference it has made, I have more energy and no more brain fog ?.
    The bottle will last ages as well.
    I highly recommend

  2. Chelsie-louise Griffiths

    Oooooomg this!!!!!! I’ve been on it for over a month now as so as my son. I have ADHD, sciatica and arthritis. I’m the most normal I’ve ever been in my life. I’m living an almost pain free life and I’m loving it!

    My son is less all over the place, he’s able to concentrate. He’s 5 and has ASD, he’s less anxious in public.

    Every neurodiverse person and people who suffer with pain daily need this in there lives ☺️

  3. Kat Scott (verified owner)

    Iv been taking these drops morning and night for a few months now. They are amazing! My cognitive function is usually very slow, muddled, forgetting words or train of thought mid sentence. thanks to fibromyalgia and ME. These drop have really improved my cognitive function and helps my chronic fatigue. It’s improved my anxiety, I have a much more positive outlook. It’s also helped with my ibs symptoms. I would highly recommend.

  4. Chelsea Jones (verified owner)

    So after 6 months I’m using Mt wheelchair loads less due to the crazy fast nerve regeneration which I noticed within the first few weeks. I’ve noticed after a few weeks without how much it really did help mentally I already noticed but now I notice more, less brain fog even when in flare ups it wasn’t as bad as normal, I no longer take my daily anxiety drops at all ever, mental clarity has improved. It’s definitely helped physically as I’m getting on my feet more and it’s even helped with pain which I didn’t expect it to at all. I ha ent hardly had any nerve spasms at all other than in some really bad days. The way its helped my mobility and nervous system is amazing.

  5. Chloe

    I cannot recommend this product enough. I have been on a holistic healing path for some time now and recently being diagnosed with ADHD wanted to find something that suited my lifestyle that would help the symptoms that impacted my day-to-day living such as brain fog and short term memory loss. I have taken the product daily , alongside the water soluable CBD and have had unexpectedly amazing results, surpassed my expectations on how effective it would be, as well as how quickly it has helped improve my short-term memory – I was able to give a friend my mobile number by memory for the first time ever which is huge for me, and the brain fog has gone, so much so that even on my period I have had the brain power required this week to get myself booking clients again and putting myself back out there, as well as planning workshops etc! it really is a wee miracle tincture and an absolute bargain!!

  6. Krista O’Driscoll (verified owner)

    Love these! I use these along with the CBD oil and I have noticed a difference, my fatigue is definitely not as bad, and I have less brain fog! Will definitely be repurchasing! Thank you xx

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