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Hello, my name is Sally, I have been an affiliate with Hannabis since day one, I worked my way to Regional Manager and now I am the proud owner of my very own CBD skincare business. Infinity Treasures is all about natural, environmentally friendly CBD skincare, specifically for older skin. 

Donna Lennox
Donna LennoxNatural Deodorant
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This smells so nice & fresh from the minute you open it, I just wish the scent didn't wear off so quickly. The first couple of times I used it, I wasn't keen because it left my arm pits feeling greasy, but then I realised I was using too much. You literally need the tiniest amount to work effectively as a deodorant, it also left my arm pits feeling so soft, no dryness like sprays. Even applied immediately after shaving with no irritation whatsoever.
Becci Turnham
Becci TurnhamBody Soufflé
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Take the lid off this tub of wonder and the amazing smell hots you straight away. It's kind of hypnotic. Truth be told I have been using it on my face. Should I be using it on my face? I don't know. But, my face likes it. In the week that I've used it my skin looks happier, brighter and instantly glowing. I use it before going to bed, and before applying my makeup. It is a great base for makeup. You only need a small amount as the soufflé melts, almost instantly onto your skin. It leaves behind no horrid greasiness. I thnk this could be up there with my all time favourite products.

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