Before we go ahead, I would like to remind you that your intention is the most important thing within the spell. If you cannot find the correct ingredients or do not have the resources, then simply use this as guidance & inspiration for your own spell work.

What will you need?

A crystal – peridot, jade or citrine
A quiet space

Before a job interview, performance or the moment when you ask the boss for a raise, you can turn to a success crystal as your lucky touchstones, such as peridot, jade, or citrine. Sit on the floor, legs crossed, & breathe deeply nine times.

Take the touchstone into your hands & chant:

“That which came from the sky
enters into me
As was the moon full, so am I now.
And so I go, with this light.
Full and bright.
So mote it be.”

Repeat this at least six times, until you feel the energy of the stone passing into you.

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