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What Is Our Opinion

We make it pretty clear at Hannabis – CBD Movement LTD that we are ‘Whole Plant Warriors’. Meaning that be believe in the whole plant. But people that believe in the whole plant can still disagree with eachother when it comes to medical vs recreational.

Being a CBD company, the assumption is made that we stand on the medical side of the industry. But that isn’t actually true. Hannabis stands with the whole community, we believe everyone should have access to all cannabis for any reason they choose. We don’t believe in bringing in a legal system for where it is only available to people. Everyone will have to meet certain criterias to be able to have access.

Hannabis – CBD Movement LTD believe that cannabis shouldn’t have a legal status. We should be able to grow our own cannabis. Just like how we can grow our own food for our own consumption. But we also aren’t living in ‘La La Land’. When there is a change in the cannabis industry it will be done in a way the government profit from it too.

What is Instant Janes?

This is kind of where our brand new brand Instant Janes comes into play. Jane covers the side of the industry that Mary doesn’t. Mary is our Hannabis Queen’s name incase you didn’t know. Instant Janes is here to celebrate the recreational side of cannabis. It was a huge part of the Hannabis journey & without recreational cannabis we would of never discovered our love for cannabis or even realised how much it benefited our lives.

We might get a bit of hate for this new collaboration between our two brands. But we are just simply standing for what we believe in. Something we have always done from the begining of Hannabis – CBD Movement LTD. Not everyone agrees with everything that we believe in what we stand with everyone in the community & believe in all sides.

Instant Janes has really brought everyone’s passions together. With Hannah’s partner Dean at the heart, handrolling each cone individually. Nicole has been the pro product tester with some new things that will be coming along side our cones which we are sure you will appreciate just as much. Head over to our podcast to hear more about that & Nicole’s review so far. Then Hannah is just happy to be finally standing in the side of the industry that she has always had so much love for & still having Hannabis – CBD Movement LTD as a huge part of it.

Instant Janes are releasing 15 different pre-rolled cones made from organic hemp papers with organic hemp roach. Each handrolled cone has a holographic anti-wet tip. These will be old in varities of 5 Pick ‘N’ Mix packs, meaning that you’ll ge to pick your 5 favourite flavours & not have to commit to one. Each pack will come packaged in an eco-friendly glass tube with a cork top & a wooden poker. Making our cones are made from completely recycable or bio degradable materials.

Bringing these Pick ‘N’ Mix cone packs to the table, especially in the UK is going to be a huge game changer for people within cannabis. Being some of the first cones to be consciously thinking about the envrionment & more than just how well they will smoke. Making sure that we are not adding more unnecessary waste to the world. If you’d like to help us fight to be even more environmentally friendly, please recycle your anti-wet tips in your plastic recycling.

Cone Flavour Chart
The Industry

Although we stand in the middle of Medical vs Recreational & believe that it is all the same. There is people within the industry that support cannabis but only for medical purpose. They do not believe that cannabis is benefitical in a recreational way & shouldn’t be used in that way. But then there is also people that believe cannabis is only recreational & has no medical benefits. I personally hide it hard to believe that there is still people out there like this considering how many different studies & trials there has been now showing positive results for medical use of cannabis.

But there are also many people that stand between the two, believeing there is no difference & that medical & recreational cannabis are the same. Because the human body has an endocannabinoid system, every persons body would thrive from having cannabinoids put into it. Granted everyone would thrive from different levels of cannabinoids & the terpene would also come into play, because everyone’s endocannabindoid system is as unique as a finger print. But everyone would still thrive if they can find the right balance for them.

Pop over to our podcast if you would like to hear us talk more about this subject. We also have a break feature on the end from Simpa Carter, a well known activist within the cannabis community.

Where do you stand on medical vs recreational? Add your views in the comments.

Please Note
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  • The MHRA have not evaluated any of these statements.
  • We do not intend to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.
  • Do not use this information to replace the advice of your doctor.
  • If any products cause any reaction, please seek medical advice.
  • The Conscious Cannabis Club approve all recommended products.

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