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Before we go ahead, I would like to remind you that your intention is the most important thing within the spell. Today we are looking at Money Money Money. If you cannot find the correct ingredients or do not have the resources, then simply use this as guidance & inspiration for your own spell work.

Money Money Money

The Universe provides us with what we need – and that includes sufficient money for our needs. But if you find that you have more bills than salary, try this little money luck spell. Remember: all spells work best when there is a genuine need, so don’t be greedy or do this spell just for the sake of it. If you need some extra cash, this spell will work.

You will need:

A note of your own currency

One green candle

Five peppermint leaves

Five silver coins

Some saltwater (two teaspoons of salt to 50ml of water)

Matches or a lighter

A cup of boiled water

What you do:

You should do this spell on a Friday or on a full moon. First of all, place the paper money under your green candle. (If you really are so broke that you don’t have a note, don’t worry – you can always raid the monopoly set or even draw your own money.) 

Arrange five peppermint leaves around the base of the candle in a circle. Next, wash the silver coins in the saltwater to cleanse any negativity from them, and then place one coin on top of each peppermint leaf. 

Light the candle & say the following words five times:

“Oh money Lord
Hear my plea
Send some money
on to me.
Look my way,
look my way
Hear my plea and
brighten my day.
Thank you, so mote it be.”

Allow the candle to burn down. Then, take the mint leaves & place them in a cup of boiled water, allowing them to brew for five minutes. Take the leaves out & sip the peppermint tea. The leaves will have absorbed the magic that you put into them & will om turn be absorbed back into you. 

Keep the coins in your purse or wallet along with the note that you placed under the candle. Allow the mint leaves to dry out, then crush them & throw them out of the window. This signifies the spell is complete.

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