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This is an adaptation of a common grounding and centring meditation technique. It is meant to be done to prepare for spellwork or ritual.

It would help if you could touch the ground with bare skin and if this is not possible, a natural object, such as a stone.

Directions For Meditation

Begin by relaxing.

* If you are grounding and centring as part of a spell or ritual, you should stand with your feet shoulder-width apart and your weight evenly balanced across them if you can do so comfortably. If you cannot, sit or recline with your feet flat on the ground.

* Take several deep breaths and let them out completely.

Close your eyes and begin to visualise:

See yourself standing (or sitting) and feel the air on your skin and the ground beneath your feet.

Breathe deeply in and out, several times.

As you breathe, feel the energy that surrounds you entering your body with your breath and gathering at your centre. Continue to breathe deeply.

Focus now on your feet. Feel the surface of the Earth beneath your feet. Feel your feet reaching deeply into the Earth, feel them sinking down, down into the moist, cool soil like the roots of a tree, down they reach, deeper and deeper to the very energetic centre of the Earth.

As your roots grow deeper, feel your arms extend up toward the Sun. Feel them stretch and grow like the branches of a tree. With broad green leaves reaching for the sun.

With your broad, green leaves, seek out all the energy that is you and absorb it and bring it to your Center, your strong, sturdy trunk. See all that energy gathering in your leaves and flowing along your branches to the centre of your trunk where it pulses and Circles.

Where is your energy? Where is your focus? Who has a hold of your energy right now? Withdraw your energy from wherever it is. Take it back from friends, family, and neighbours who are on your mind right now. You can give it back to them later. Right now, draw it back. As it passes through your green leaves it is transformed into pure, white energy and it travels down your branches and into your Center and swirls beautifully.

Feel your roots deep in the Earth and know that if there is too much energy there if it gets too hot if you just can’t take it all you can send it down into the cool, cool Earth and she will hold it for you. She can take everything you can give and she will transform it into pure life energy and you can have it back at any time.

Where is your energy? Is it at the office, or is it at school? Is it with your children? Your parents? Is it in your dirty dishes, your laundry? Draw it all back. Draw it back through your leaves and transform it to pure white energy flowing through your branches into your Center all there for you, right now, it is yours and you are One with the Earth and the Sky.

You are connected, you are one. All of your energy, all of YOU is here and ready to use for your Will and any more that you need can be drawn from the Earth and the Sky at your Will.

Breath deeply.

Draw back your branches, your leaves become fingers, your branches arms but still you are connected to the mighty sky. You are once more human, a strong, capable human, focused on your True Will. Your hands are ready to do the work necessary to manifest your Will.

Draw back your roots and they become feet again. No longer reaching deep within the soil, they now stand firmly on the Earth, a firm foundation beneath you, ready to carry you about your task as you carry out your Will.

Open your eyes.

You are ready to begin.

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Source: https://witchipedia.com/

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