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Before we go ahead, I would like to remind you that your intention is the most important thing within the spell. Today we are looking at Tranquility Incantation. If you cannot find the correct ingredients or do not have the resources, then simply use this as guidance & inspiration for your own spell work.

For inner peace using Tranquility Incantation, take a walk in the woods and bring a stick, seven leaves from an ash or oak tree, several stones, and matches.

With the stick, draw a circle on the ground and mark four directions: north, east, south, and west.

Arrange the stones and leaves at the centre of the circle. Say:

“Good luck rises for me in the east;
My music rises in the south;
My wishes rise in the west;
From the north, peace and calm
will come to me,
My dreams will come true.
And so it is.”

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