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Using crystals for Mental Health

Using crystals for Mantal Health doesn’t have to be hard because we all have mental health. 

Being mentally healthy means more than just the absence of mental illness. It means having a general sense of well-being and ability to cope with everyday challenges.

Many people believe that harnessing the power of crystals can really aid certain aspects of our life.

All crystals have different properties and finding the right one can sometimes be tricky, so we’ve put together a list of the best crystals to guide you when you need a little mental health TLC.

Firstly find a crystal that resonates with what you may need help with.

Once you have your crystal, you can start working with it. Hold it in your hand & meditate, wear it as jewellery & carry it with you as a reminder.


Aragonite is an incredibly calming stone of wisdom and emotional clarity. It is strongly connected to the earth and has been known to help clear and heal how the earth’s energies effect our well-being.

Aragonite calms agitation, anxiety, stress, subconscious fears and It helps to strengthen your emotional core. This clears the way for long lasting positive emotions which in turn leads to good mental health.


Iolite promotes deep and restful sleep, helps you to fall asleep more easily and affects dreams positively helping to reduce nightmares.

This crystal encourages inner vision and helps you to express and come to terms with your true self without obsessing about what others think and expect of you. It clears negativity within relationships and encourages you to take responsibility for yourself.

Rainbow Obsidian

Rainbow Obsidian is often used for dealing with depression, anxiety, fear and the confusion they bring. It enlightens your mind, sharpens your mental abilities and improves your senses drawing out mental stress and tension.

Rainbow Obsidian helps you take the journey to the root cause of emotional distress and what’s really bothering you.

Petrified Wood

Petrified Wood An ancient fossil of a tree, is a very healing and grounding stone that brings feelings of safety and security and helps to soothe emotions, fight fear, generate calm, and release stress.

It is a stone of transformation and perseverance. It can promote concentration, focus and offer greater mental stability.

Serpentine Jade

Serpentine Jade is a wonderful mental, emotional, and physical healing stone. This type of Jade helps you keep your mind focused on positive thoughts reminding you to be aware of how easily negative ones can appear.

It is a lovely stone for releasing stress and strain and for harmonising and balancing mood changes and mood swings.

Black Tourmaline

Black tourmaline is effective at both grounding and clearing negativity. It can help purify our minds of negative thoughts and anxiety, making it useful for people with over-active minds.

Because of it’s grounding nature black tourmaline helps you get out of your head and into your body and help you feel connected to the Earth. Black tourmaline can be placed near entryways for protection, and is recommended for empaths to wear daily.

Snowflake Obsidian

Snowflake obsidian can really help when you are feeling hopeless, it can help you regain your courage to persevere, and help you see opportunities you may have overlooked to improve your situation.

This crystal can help you find the “light in the darkness”. It can give you the determination to find your way through hard times. It is especially helpful in enabling you to notice support that you may have missed or ideas or insights that could help you.

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